Round Up

Round Up

Last week heading into XMAS. The good news is my hip issues are progressively reducing and I noticed today (Saturday) almost no discomfort.

Monday – rest day on the legs, aside from the commute into work. Knocked out 1.2k at ITAC trying to keep high elbows and good form. I don’t think I was successful.

Tuesday – 60 minutes at lunch. A round trip to Rushcutters Bay with Sam. This time last year I would have easily made it to Redleaf. However the fitness is not there and the prospect of dragging myself up Loftus Ave is frightening. I’ll get there. 60 min all up.

Wednesday – a staple – i.e. out and back to Jackson’s Landing once again with Sam. Contemplated a run and dip over to Cremorne however with temps in the high 30s, I was never going to make it home. Sam’s also pretty soft in extreme temp so he was happy with my decision. 13k all up.

Thursday – Had a solid 30 min cross-training before work (nice and cool at that stage). At lunch, was stuck in a meeting meaning I headed out at 12:45pm. Didn’t feel in great shape today and I was happy to do just 8k around Farm Cove and Hickson Road.

Friday – took the day off  from work in the afternoon. In fact I didn’t even run in the morning, meaning I was basically in a bad mood and agitated until mid afternoon. Luckily I was due to visit my folks over in Artarmon late afternoon. Ran from home to Artarmon via Gladesville Bridge. The hills were tough and it’s weird running at 4pm. Got there banking 12k (bonus).  I noticed on this run, I was not limping from a dogey hip!.

Saturday – a pull forward of my long run. Champ is back in town after his NZ / UK trip and I’ve been missing the company. Meeting spot was 7am at the Bay Run. I wake up at 5:30am. Rather than wait, I trotted around for 45 min in the Petersham Area warming up the legs. Headed back to the Bay Run and completed an extended 10k circuit. Clock was reading 20k by the time Champ was done and figured ‘why not another 10k’. Another CW loop of the Bay Run (plus a bit more) got me to the desired 30k.

A few running related issues on my mind

– I am barely able to do 30k nowadays – how was this was so easy this time last year
– the ITB is clearly much better after a few months of ‘rest’
– still not sure if I will race in 2018

Here’s a little video of Trinity.

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