Last full day in Malaysia – key conclusion is I can only do one resort holiday every decade. Strong preference for destinations where running tourism is a possibility – in the last 2 years that includes NZ, TAS, Japan.

Made use of the gym today. A full hour of rowing. In truth I targeted 20 min, thinking I’d add 40 min fiddling around with weights. Got to 20, then kept adding 10 min as I settled into a nice rhythm. Before I knew it, time was up and it time to hit the sauna.

I find rowing is an exercise in mental strength – how many ways can you carve up certain time intervals? Today I was thinking in 5 min blocks. This has applications in marathons, obviously. I reckon my good cardio enable me to power through this tough set. Unfortunately, my hands are soft and now appropriately blistered.

13.5k in 60 min. 

Met a fellow running in the gym from Canberra who has done a 2:48 marathon and coaches along with Brendan Davies (Up Coaching). She’s my run date for tomorrow morning. Win.

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