Run Date with Molly

Run Date with Molly

My cavoodle rivals my GPS watch as the best fitness investment I’ve made in recent times. Ultra reliable 5:00 min/km pace for up to 25km. No complaints, no stopping.

Leashed Molly up and I think she was scared. Started in the direction of Iron Cove bridge somewhat cautiously. First 1km 6:10s, then 5:50s as I realised I felt good and no signs of bad niggles. Eased the pace to 5:00s sub-consciously and over Gladesville Bridge we went. I’ve seen multiple runners from Strava penetrate Millionaire’s suburb, namely Woolwich. Out and back to the Ferry stop is 7-8km and aside from nice sandstone houses and the odd water view, nothing special here. Cafe scene looks like a graveyard.

11km marked the farthest point and back we went. Molly coped OK but struggled on the rolling hills back across the bridge and into Rozelle. Per usual routine, grocery shop at Orange Grove meant 500m of extra baggage. Hence the pace dropped. Similar to last few Saturdays, I’ve been throwing push-ups every 1km. 20×10 today.

21km in 1:50 at 5:10s. Due to all the stopping, it felt like a recovery run.

Molly’s now nailed consecutive 20km Saturday runs. Well done dog.

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