Run Through

Run Through

Run Through

Friday – 1k Time Trial at ABC with HuRTS. I’ve really only timed myself on the 1k on a few selected situations normally because I’m never competitive in the pool. I’ve been sitting at 18:10 – 18:30 maybe for 2 years. Rolled down to ABC and slipped into the slow lane, choosing to avoid the Washing Machine situation with 10 faster swimmers in the Fast Lane.

Well in the end I touched the wall in 17:12. Couldn’t believe the time… in fact I had some debts if I had missed a lap? Was quite sure I was moving well and pushing hard, so it probably reflects the hard work I have been putting in this Summer

Saturday – filled with confidence from yesterday. Ran down to Timbrell Park near the West Side of the Bay Run. Huge grass area with a 1.1k loop on the inside perimeter. Decided to do my first session in maybe 6 months.

The set was 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 of 1k loops at a touch under marathon pace. Right now, it feels like thresh-hold pacing. Got there in the end but on the way back down I was breathing hard and the quads were starting to really fatigue. Overall pacing was slightly below 3:30s.

Covered 9.87k in 34.XX (excluding the rests). Not great but it’s a start. 18k including warm up and warm-down

Sunday – couldn’t back down for my long run, despite very sore legs. Ran out to Centennial to meet Jared, LJ, Jack and the British guy who I don’t know. Completed the 6k loop, then the 10k loop before running back home. It was super hot and my throat was parched from about 15k. So I almost fainted on the door step (exaggeration).

33k all up.

Monday – needed an easy one today. Met Sam for an out and back to Pyrmont. A tidy 13k all up. Legs still smashed.

Tuesday – hoped to recover for the 45 min fartlek, but it was so obvious this was not going to happen. I did XT in the morning (30 min) anticipating that lunch would be ‘easy’. Met Sam again for a run out to Rushcutters Bay. Lots of hills getting over there and back. 14k completed.

Wednesday – Redleaf time with Champ, Pete, Gary, Liam, James and Phil. Perfect day for a swim. They chose the long way around which meant I ran out of time to swim. Had to turn at Redleaf itself and head home on my own. Again, lots of hills today which will serve me well. 12k all up.

Love this photo of El!

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