Run Through

Run Through

Still nursing the same soreness through my glute/hip/ITB.

Monday – the new routine involves a cheeky 1.5k at Ian Thorpe before work. I was hoping this would fix the above issue. It did not. Headed out at lunch for my run. This was a very easy 12k’er around the wharves. Felt pretty ordinary to be honest.

Tuesday – another wharves run. This time with Champ and Luke. Passed HuRTS who themselves were knocking out 4x2k from OPT. This left me a little guilty and so I convinced the Telstra boys to join me for 10x100m sprints down at Barangaroo. 12k all up.

Wednesday – backed up with a solid 30 min cross training today (Tuesday was 15 min). Doubled up as per Monday with a Pyrmont out and back joined by Sam. I’m noticing by 10k the hip gets incrementally more annoying.

Thursday – mixed it up by heading up from Opera House to Pillars and back down to Farm Cove. The reason for this was Champ and Gary were doing the reverse in preparation for the Nepean Tri on Sunday. So after about 7k easy, I stopped at the grass near FC stairs and did the following: sprint 80m, 10 push-ups, 10s rest, repeat. 20 in total. Arms were pretty tired after 200 push-ups.

Friday – another frustrating situation where what should be an enjoyable 13k run is anything but. The course was the same as Mon/Wed and yes, Sam was once again my companion. Hoping to get a massage asap. 13k all up.

I’ve been getting home late and keep missing the two girls before they sleep.


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