Rushcutters 1.2km plus 4x800s

Rushcutters 1.2km plus 4x800s

A little late to the Gallery meet point saw me catch the back of Luca, Kanser and Tom over to Rushcutters. They were not sympathetic to my complaints. I think I was diagnosed boyflu? Battled my way up Wooloomooloo stairs then across Potts Point at walking pace. That was enough to scare me out of 8x800s… either I’ve lost 3 years of uninterrupted base building overnight, or the cold is wearing me down.

Kanser and Luca were in for an easy 40 min and so I joined them out to the end of Darling Point. Returning to the oval, the gang had just done #4. Jumped the fence and just went with it with pretty low expectations. I did note there was a fast group, then a slow group off differing cycles.

1.2km trying to build momentum (3:40s), then jumping into group #1 as they did the final 4. With many running GC this week, it was left to Frenchman and two other blokes I don’t know upfront. Struggled all 4 sets but at least I got faster. By the end, I was sitting at 3:20s which is OK. Happy to call it a day there before dragging the body back to work.

13.5km in 63 min. One of those sessions where I don’t care what the splits were.

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