Rushcutters 10x400m

Rushcutters 10x400m

Nasty DOMS from Tuesday. Neither the quads nor my left foot are happy with the volume since Saturday. 

However, I could not resist the temptation to work the tan and stretch the legs at Rushcutters. The scheduled session led by Barts was a pet hate for many – 10x400m.

Eased into the sets, choosing to stick to the front group (of 10) that were on 120s cycles. Limited success but slowly bridged the gap to 2nd last as each set progressed. Used the rest time as a float rather than standing rest. 
Pace started at 3:30s and the final reps had me at 3:10s. Honestly, heart was never in the session. No way I could keep strides with the likes of Barts, FJen and Jerome today. 
5km with the floats in 19:13 at an average 3:48s. 11km with the warm-up then cool-down.
Despite fatigue, I jogged 6km home. That’s how much I hate public transport. Foot off the pedal next few days. 
Food update – I’ve discovered a hidden CBD gem. Cafe Chicane on Bond Street opposite Australia Square. $12 large salad fetches two meals … easily. 
Impressive packing job by the Viet girl. The best I’ve seen. My day’s of DIY ham sandwiches and canned beans are over. 
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