Rushcutters 10x400s

Rushcutters 10x400s

Can’t say I was overly pleased with a sharp lower back pain that accompanied my usual sore PF this morning. As I stumbled into work, the PF was gone but the back had worsened. Did I sleep bad? Was it yesterday’s swim? Or am I 80 years old? Not sure.

Begrudgingly I followed Charlie out to Rushcutters in pouring rain for some monkey bars x-training. Running seemed easier than sitting on a chair so maybe this was a good decision. Initial plan folded once we ran into HuRTS near the Gallery. Barts, LJ, Elle, Toby, Heyden, Renee, JFen and maybe just a few others were committed to the 10x400s on a water-logged Rushcutter’s Oval.

Enjoyed a good chat with LJ and Barts on the way over. In the end, Barts led the group on 2 min cycles. I knew that the guys to hold onto today were Barts himself, Toby, Mike L, JFen and even Andy Heyden. Upon reflection the reason I felt worse and worse was because I was hitting 70s laps with a 45s float (ie no standing rest)…

Splits: 77, 75, 72, 71, 71, 70, 71, 71, 71, 69

The rest of HuRTS knocked out 4x120s which I had zero interest. Chose to jog over to the Monkey Bars to join Elle, Charlie and LJ for 4 chin-ups and 15 push-up declines. A jog back with the four of them saw me get to 12k for lunch. Poor LJ – who by the way is now up to 15 min ‘efforts’ and 20k LRs – had to deal with my complaints.

Rest of the afternoon – sore back.


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