Thursday – Rushcutters

Living the bachelor life right now with two girls in hospital and the other one with her grandmother. Found myself over at Rushcutter for the HuRTS session. Jogged over for a 3k warm-up with the team and got the brief of what the session actually was. 400m on, 200m float x 8.

Started really slow, almost mid-pack and well off the two leaders Barts and Quentin. Noticed my legs were riddled with niggles perhaps due to a few nights of <4 hours sleep. First 3 reps were probably 80s cycles before I started moving up the ranks.

Closed out the remaining 5 slowly converging on Andy and JFen. Naturally 8 reps doesn’t seem quite right so I added 2 more solo. In the end it was basically a 6k fartlek on grass. Don’t know the splits nor my pacing and frankly I don’t care.

12k all up after the jog back.

Friday – Wharves

First run in 4 years with Ben Boyd. Great bloke and one that used to race Olympic Distance Triathlons and Half Marathons. Demon on the bike and maybe an 85 min HM runner in peak fitness. However I noticed he has let his run fitness slip big time.

We circled the Hickson Wharves and added a few extra Ks around Pyrmont. Pace was 4:45s and even at that pace I noticed BB was breathing heavily. He blames his poor form on two young kids. That’s not a good sign for me.

12k all up. Also knocked out a double commute which got me to 24k for the day.

Saturday – Long Run

Couldn’t leave the house in the AM as Trinity is in my care. Summoned the courage to bring her to Swim Lessons on my own. This is a big deal but I’d say the lesson itself was not overly productive. Trinity seems distracted and uncooperative.

Had to wait until everyone was home before my long awaited run. Told Lorie I’d be ducking out for an ‘easy 8 to 10k’.

10k later, I stopped over at a random park in Ashfield for 200m on / 200m off x 10. Interestingly my lungs were struggling more than my legs. Started to jog back East and decided to add a few extra Ks. Those extra few K turned into another 16k. Basically once you get >16k, it may as well be a long run. Struggled in the last 5k with a suspect stomach and cold hands but got home in one piece. 

32k all up at 4:40s.

Nice to have this completed as who knows if I’m allowed to disappear for >2 hours on Sunday morning anymore.

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