Rushcutters 2x1k, 10x400s

Rushcutters 2x1k, 10x400s

Today I proved to myself I can do quality, quantity on sore legs without getting injured.

AM: feeling a little better today, though the quads are still tired. Kicked the day off with the usual 15 min strength stuff (burpees, KB swings, Turkish GUs) before a 6km jog to work via the Blackwattle route

PM: cracking day for training. Jogged past the Pillars to see a big HuRTS team readying for the 45 min fartlek. I slipped past knowing this concrete smashing would write my legs off further. The Plan B on grass at Rushcutters just made sense.

Joined Timmy, LJ, Jackie O and Crossy for some descending 1km  / 400s / 200s reps. In the end, I did 2x1ks then 10x400s off a 90s float. It was all about teamwork and to that end, Timmy was my pacer for the 400s.

– 1k splits: 3:23, 3:20
– 400s: all 70s

Happy with this performance particularly as #5-10 was all solo. I think if I were to attempt a 200m sprint, I’d be injured. The track set itself (with floats) was 31 min of hurt, covering 8.4km at 3:40s. Said my goodbyes and after a 2k c/d, I had banked 14km

Why not do a triple for the day? 6km jog home. Buggered.

I’ve lost count over the number of shoe purchases YTD. These are the new Zante 2s. Very excited.




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