Rushcutters 400s

Rushcutters 400s

A buffet of opportunities including Farm Gate sets with Wong/Lambert, an easy 10km with Jackie O or the prescribed Rushcutters set with the team. Spun the bottle and found myself over on the grass after a light jog with Charlie. Good turnout with Timmy eagerly mapping out a 400m circuit.

Decided then and there the 6x1kms would deplete my legs, which by the way are starting to feel OK after 5 days of quite the opposite. With the bunch setting off on their not so merry ways, three of us (Charlie, Champ and I) kept it short and sharp. 5x400s with 30s standing rest. It seemed I was crossing paths with Renee and Conway a lot.

Respectable 3:10s, with 2km in 6:20ish. Satisfied because (i) got the legs spinning, (ii) did not compromise my recovery week, and (iii) enjoyed myself.

Exited the oval with Champ for an extended cool-down. Out and back to the headland (Yaranabee Park), long-route around Garden Island then back around to St Mary’s. A good close to a pleasant lunch.

4km warm-up, 2km speed, 6km cool-down for 12km all up. 

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