Rushcutters 400s

Rushcutters 400s

7x400s plus 3km tempo down at Rushcutters. As always, the cones were meticulously laid out by Timmy and the grass was beautifully soft on the feet. Happy to see James Everett turn up as well as a rare appearance from Elle.

Took the shoes off and got right into it knowing Barts, Crossy and I would be leading. 90s cycles meaning short rest. Consciously used Barts as a pacer whilst in turn leading Crossy and Frenchman. It was a nice little train and the pace felt hard but controlled. #1-2 at 3:05s before sub-3:00s out to #7. Main pack were also doing a good job in the heat.

Pace peaked at #7 where I decided to bypass the 3km tempo and keep the momentum going. Barts was not happy but I figure, do a full set rather than half and half.

From #8 onwards, it was just Frenchman, Tym and I (a few others on their own cycles including Jeet). Struggled a little come #11-12 where I was happy to let Frenchman pace. Meanwhile, poor Tym looked  knackered working off the same cycle and having run that AM.

With the main pack still deep in hurt on the tempo, I finished the lunch set tucking in behind Lambert for 1km. It didn’t feel like a warm-down but I hung in there.

12x400s: 4.9km at 2:57s, then 1 km tempo at 3:37

Jogged back into the CBD with Elle and Lambert. Elle looks good for a 3-hr 2016 mara (Melb) whilst Lambert has wasted zero time training the house down after a forced 1 week rest.

12km all up including the warm-up and cool-down.

Note, no junk today as I’d like to freshen up a little for a long tempo this week. The options being discussed are:

– Manly 90m tempo at 3:40s with Tom, Barts, Macca, Neil and other NOTB residents (breakfast review opportunity), or
– SMC 30km club race with Yum Cha, Tym, Lambert and Rob Cavrak (preferred)
– Usual Centennial with the SOTB team (soft option).

Too much choice.

Strava below:

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