Rushcutters 400s

Rushcutters 400s

Morning – 20 min strength (3rd time this week), then 5km into work. I decided post this, that my legs are still sore.

Lunch – HuRTS had the joys of 7x400s plus 3km tempo. Good to see Tim nicely laying out the cones, though the grass has deteriorated over winter. With the team on the 400s, I simply looped on the outside perimeter. As they came around for #4, I started cycling hard / easy 3 times. Effectively, I did 3x400s with junk and lots of it. Completed a brilliant run by heading out to the headland along New Beach Rd with Renee, then rejoining HuRTS as they headed back to office.

13km in 65 min. 20km for the day.

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