Rushcutters 6x1K floating reps

Rushcutters 6x1K floating reps

A rare treat to see so many of the HuRTS top runners show for the 6x1km set at Rushcutters. 30 of us knocking out 2.5x loop off 5 min cycles.

It’s these times where I should technically leverage the talent of guys like Tommy H, Barts, Quentin, Scott and D Moyle – all highly talented enough to hold 3:00-3:05s upfront. Strangely the hunger and freshness is lacking because I found myself working hard … but not at the front.

Exchanged places on most reps with the group 2 that included Andy Heyden, Timmy, Brendan and Enda some 10-15s back from group 1. In the 90s or so rest period, I eased into a float some 30s/k slower. This helps maintain the heart rate.

Estimated splits: 3:20, 3:20, 3:15, 3:15, 3:10, 3:10.

Basically I was progressing from half marathon to 10km pace with a 90s floating rest. To the external observer I may be sand-bagging, but this is 15km at lunch to add to my 12km of commuting for the day. Quantity and quality!

To conclude, I’m still trying to balance (i) big base load, (ii) the new strength routines 4 days pw, and (iii) quality at least once pw. It will take time to add this quality.

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