Rushcutters 6x800s

Rushcutters 6x800s

Rushcutters 6x800s

Thursday – HuRTS – 800s.

First HuRTS session in many many months. Lots of doubts entering my mind as I jogged over – still not convinced I should nor want to recommence speed work. Anyway, there was a good turn out down at Rushcutters. Scotty was smashing it up front, and then maybe 8 others spread out in front of me.

Ran at a pace that was unfortunate but controlled. 12 months ago, I’d be up there with the likes of Tommy, Frenchman, Mikey L etc. Today, I was well behind but to be fair that’s entirely expected. Stayed with group #1 and used the 2 min ‘rest’ as a 400m float at low 4:00s (so 3 laps versus the group doing 2 laps).

Splits: 2:36, 39, 40, 37, 38, 32.

As you can see on lap #6, I sat on Tom’s heels and held on which seemed to work. A slow 400m c/d and jog back to the city got me to 14k for the lunch session.

Friday – Australia Day

30 min cross-training in the morning. The 80% humidity makes this indoor activity an absolute sweat fest. Backed it up around lunch-time with a super hilly run from Lilyfield to Artarmon. Nasty bits include Gladesville Bridge, the climb up to Lane Cove and a little sharp incline near Artarmon Oval (the road is called Helmsford Ave).

Ran 14k by the time I rolled up to my parent’s house. I then jumped into the pool and barely resurfaced.

Saturday – RSR

Run Swim Run combo. Sticky conditions again. The shortest way to Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (ITAC) is 4.5k via Annandale. Jumped into the pool intending to do ‘at least 1k’. Got to that goal with relative ease and decided to double it. Arms started to fall off at about 1.8k and so by 2k I was done.

Took a detour getting back home. Ran into the CBD, stopping at work for 45 min (stuff to do). Then ran home another 6k.

12k running, 2k swimming in total.

Here’s a photo Lorie took whilst I was gardening with Rini.


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