Rushcutters 800s then HuRTS Drinks

Rushcutters 800s then HuRTS Drinks

AM: back to the 15 min HIIT stuff. 2 sets of the following: 20 burpees, 60 kettlebell swings (random variations), KB sit ups where you rotate, then 20 KB jumping squads. The squats… scary stuff. Finished off with a tidy 5km jog across ANZAC bridge then into the office. This HIIT stuff makes you hungry and so I downed my new favourite brekie – dark rye, poached eggs and smashed avo.

PM: back out with HuRTS for some 8x800s fun. Definitely an old school vibe here with guys like the Chairman, Conway, Barts and Enda amongst a massive bunch. To be fair, Conway was here and boy are those shiny black tights a sight for sore eyes. Today, two groups. Fast group off 4 min cycles, slow group 4:30 cycles.

Chose the fast group but with Tom and Barts absolute demons at 800s (3:00s pace), I lost motivation in the first 30s and dropped to the back. Amongst a pack of 15, at least I had Greta, LJ and even Enda for company. As punishment for my sins, I simply floated in the 60s break at the same pace. Comic. So basically, it was a tempo at 3:40s whilst they did 8 sets.

Jealousy got the better laziness after #7. So I finished off leading out Tommy H and Frenchman for #8. Hung on for a decent 800 at maybe 3:00s. In truth, the watch just runs from my lobby and return. I never had any idea on splits and progression.

14km at lunch to make 20km for the day. 

Great night with the HuRTS team seeing off Conway down at the Palisade Hotel. Lots of beer and banter but I’ll leave the wrap-up and embarassing photos to Timmy.

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