Rushcutters 800s

Rushcutters 800s

Rushcutters 800s

I think it was the 3x serving of avo-on-toast at a Macquarie-hosted breakfast that fueled my enthusiasm for speed today in soaring temps.

Down at Rushcutters it was a good size crowd of sadists blissfully unaware of how hard 8x800s can be at 38 degrees. Faster group rolling 4:00s, slower group 4:30s. With Timmy leading the set, the cones were out and to my delight, JFen returned from 5 weeks of back issues.

Upfront, Barts claimed King of the Oval on reps of 2:30s whilst I sat in a chasing group off 2:40 reps. The main helpers were Tommy H, Todd, Eoin with even Timmy, Brendan +2 doing their part in the early rounds. 3:00s is not easy for me but I felt it was sustainable.

With a personal mod being a butchered 3rd lap float on the 80s ‘rest‘, the HR was kept high and it was just enough to settle the breathing. I was alone in this madness.

By #5, I was really feeling the hurt and by #6, things were distasteful enough to pull up stumps. Added a floating 800 whilst the crew did #7 and rejoined #8 where I really put the pace on. Tom and Barts are class acts and 2:25 vs my 2:30. Eoin was also breathing down my neck.

Cooked by the end, physically and mentally. Closer to a fartlek than 800s given the floats were quick!

Reps very consistent: #1-6 at 2:40s plus 80s float some 30s/km slower. After a 4 min float, #7 at 2:30 (sub 3:00s).

#1-6 segment: 7.2km at 3:20s ave pace. Not a bad average pace given the conditions.

Joined Tym for a dip in the Ocean straight after. By then I had lost 5% body mass from sweat. What a magical experience floating face down! Slow and sorry jog back to the office relishing in another quality session!

Team photo taken by Timmy. By this point my legs were gone hence am on my knees – nicely coincides with front row position.




Big day of Ks because my bike tire is flat again. 12km at lunch plus the 10km commuting. These commutes happen at 6:30s and I won’t lie, walking and sight seeing is involved.

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