Rushcutters and Pyrmont.

Rushcutters and Pyrmont.

Nothing overly unusual about the last two days of running. Hammy has pulled up tight again though at this stage it is fairly manageable.

Monday – ran over to Rushcutters with Elle, Renee and Erika rather than joining the usual HuRTS crowd over to Barangaroo. This turned into a good decision because the pace was so easy – in fact I was literally walking up the hills. Due to a few things on at work I had too much on my mind to offer any decent chat. Nevertheless, a good out and back route with an extra loop around Farm Cove. 12k all up.

Tuesday – Over to Pyrmont with Charlie and Sam. Charlie dropped off at around the 8k mark leaving the two of us to knock out 10x80m run-throughs on the Fairfax Lawn. I’m a fan of Pyrmont. Accidentally ran 15k all up – those run-throughs really add sneaky Ks.

I also jogged home due to hatred of my bike – meaning 21k for the day.


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