Rushcutters Recovery to Tempo

Rushcutters Recovery to Tempo

Secretly hoped I’d be right for speed #2 this week, but Tuesday DOMS has kept me cautious. Well that and the worst possible weather in recent months.

Little interest in the HuRTS 20 min hills plus 5km tempo. Joined Colin and FJen for some relentless laps at Rushcutters. I figured running 450m circles on soft grass would do me a world of good; meanwhile, the other two hammered out 4x2km sets.

4km down to Rushcutters. Then 6km of loops started at 5:30s and once the legs felt OK, finishing the final 1km at 3:30s. More a case of leg turnover than anything else. The winds made life difficult.

Added 4km cool-down with both companions. Scratching my head how FJen so easily recovered from Tuesday? Also turns out, Colin is a 2:25 marathoner. Who knew.

13km all up.

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