Rushcutters Return

Rushcutters Return

Wednesday – Hickson Run-throughs

Cutting out the junk seems to be working – this has been achieved by cycling to and from work. My back, ITB and knotted calves are all seemingly going away. Once again I grabbed Wooey for an out and back to Barangaroo (we hug the wharves around Hickson Road).

The idea was 10 recovery with a few strides to finish. I let Wooey go on the return leg at the last wharf to complete the mandated strides. Knocked out 10x150m with a jog back break. Started at 75% effort, ended at 95%.

Saw Frenchman and Andy on a run date, and later Jac and Renee who clearly had started at 12:25 at the usual spot. Felt pretty sharp today.

Thursday – Rushcutters

Had no intention to do this. But after Tuesday’s successful reintroduction to speed work I sensed I should capitalise on this enthusiasm. 3k warm up around FC before meeting the starters near the Gallery.

Smaller group today – Tommy, Quentin, Renee, Charlie, Elle and maybe about a dozen others. The pyramid set seemed a little too intense so I was happy to run circles on a 200m on / 200 off cycle. In effect this was like 10x200m run-throughs on grass, or maybe a 4.5k easy fartlek.

My 200m splits were not overly amazing (36-38s) which on basic maths is maybe 3:00s flat. OK so on #9-10, I started to get sharp ankle pains on my left foot! Almost fell over, and sort of hobbled back to the CBD with this pains persisting.

Suspect this is the result of the tilted gradient of the oval plus the instability running on grass. I covered 13k all up, of which 11k was successful and 2k was not. Despite the above scare, I sense the mojo is coming back.

Whether I can refind some form ahead of SMH half remains to be seen…



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