Santa Run

Santa Run

Santa Run

Santa Run today. One that always aligns with the last working day before Xmas each year.

Arrived at the Pillars to find Smolly, Liam, BK, Champ and Gary. I think just Liam and I forgot the memo that Santa Hat attire was mandatory. The course was the usual, and whilst it wasn’t overly hot the 5 min dip was pretty good. Next up was finding an unsuspecting Sunbaker to take a photo of the group.Champ’s developing a (concerning) habit for picking the best looking girl as the photographer. Today was no different but she did do a good job as per below.

A 5k return via the same way got me back in one piece. Great way to spend lunch. 11k all up.

Tomorrow, the plan is a semi-long run with Jac and whoever turns up at Centennial.

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