Saturday Balmain, Sunday Homebush with Champ

Saturday Balmain, Sunday Homebush with Champ

Saturday – Molly

No training plan heading into xmas, just jogging and lots of it. Today’s 15km at 5:30s would suggest an ‘easy’ one. My legs and my dog (Molly) disagree.

Jogged over to Callan Park, then tracked East along the south side of The Bay Run. Worked the endless hilly side streets of Birchgrove, Balmain, Balmain East and finally Rozelle. A messy run with countless rolling hills. Molly and I were two lost dogs with too much energy.

I reckon this stuff does wonders for the legs when maintaining base.

Over the 15km, an impressive 330m elevation change.

Sunday – Homebush Bay with Champ
Last minute change of plan saw me over at Olympic Park, the home-turf of Champ. Figured a change from Centennial was due with our respective +1s keen to meet up for a post-run brunch.
Been awhile since I was at Homebush (State Championships 10k in April)! Started outside the Aquatic Centre and followed Champ in a disorientated state, somewhere north. Hit the Para River, then west across the Silverwater Bridge before circling back East Meadowbank. Fantastic views. 
Meanwhile, Champ bored with 5 min/km then moved to 4:40s, 4:30s and had the nerve to ask me to hurry up. What the hell? 
Shot below from Rhodes, struggling to close the gap to my companion. 
By 15km, I was wanted it to end with the stomach playing up and right foot sore. 
Slowly, the legs came good and despite some intermittent surges, I finished in one piece near Flemington. A very random run, leaving my right achilles noticeably tender. Whoops. 
Segment with Champ – 21.7km in 101min at 4:40 min/km average pace. 

Big relief getting a lift home. 
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