Saturday Bay Run, Sunday Strength

Saturday Bay Run, Sunday Strength

Saturday – Long Bay Run

An ad-hoc band consisting JFen, Jackie, Jeet, Tym and Champ all willing to kick-start the weekend with a Bay Run. This was all organised late Friday. The intent was 30 min before the 7:30am at start at KG Oval, then 60 min easy with Strides.

The run itself was very peaceful though the others were shocked by the relentless battle vs cyclists, dogs, walkers and old shirtless retirees.  for path space. I was hoping to feel freshness in the legs but came away disappointed. Most dropped off after 1.25x laps, leaving Champ, Jeet and I to complete 10×100 strides near Le Montage. The wind was tough. Closed out the run with an extended c/d in my area, largely filling time till we all regrouped for coffee and breakfast at Revolver. Even Neil turned up despite shunning us for Centennial.

Crab omelette with a mass of greens and whipped cream below.


23km all up in 1:55.

Sunday – Bay Run

A long awaited massage yesterday afternoon with Kevin McCarthy. All I could feel was sharp soreness on the pressure points near my right hip. He knows how to use those fingers and elbows. The feedback is my right ITB and glutes are to blame for general tightness through the whole leg.

Lighter today, so I threw in some X-training before heading out the door. Heading to CP itself is 7km so no point doing that. Leashed Molly up and proceeded down to the blessed Bay Run for a 1 hr jog around. We sat at 4:50s, adding the Canal plus later on, a little foray into Rozelle. On the way back, I stopped at Callum Park for 8x80m strides. Happy with how the ITB is feeling. That’s the only positive right now.

14km at 4:50s. 



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