Shoe Change

Shoe Change

Shoe Change

What a cracking day and yet a skinny crowd for the 12:10pm departure from Macquarie street. Started late and met the gang at Farm Cove as they coasted along at a nice 4:50s pace. JW, Lambert, YC and the Mike-with-5-kids was my main company.

Hooked around Hickson wharves, then Barangaroo before joining YC for a mini adventure across into Pyrmont. A nice change though once again, I’m reminded of the human traffic issues.

I feel my legs needs this week to do similar low intensity runs.

BTW, I snuck out 30 burpees on the grass near the O.H. gates. My theory is the sort of X-training I do (albeit small) is helping with muscle imbalances from heavy Ks.

Ran into work (5km) plus lunch (13km) = 18km.

Switched to new shoes x 2 today. Same models – NB Zante and Saucony Fastwitch.

I’ve also ordered a pair of this niche EUR shoe popular with triathletes. Some credible sources (Conway, Gus etc) say it’s a winner. <200g, decent cushion, low drop and looks sexy. $90 gamble but let’s see how we go.


Link here if interested….

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