Shorted Barangaroo

Shorted Barangaroo

Company of Jackie O, YC, Elle, Birchy, Champ and James (new guy) meant the usual Barangaroo was always going to be a casual canter. Of course, this suited me perfectly. Yesterday’s hills are still in my legs.

Stuck as a pack all the way to Hickson where the crowded started to thin. In fact by the turnaround I looked back and all but Champ and James was left. We must have scared the girls off.

It was hot, I was drenched in sweat and thinking about lunch at 8km. Thus, I cut it short and beehived back to the city after the turnaround. Suppose that’s a good thing given my tendency to overdo the mileage.

9.5km at 4:50s. Not even double digits.

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