Signs of Form

Signs of Form

Monday – Pyrmont

Back to Pyrmont. The objective was to cover about 14k. The right distance to bank Ks, but keep the legs fresh (so to speak). Convinced Wooey and later, Sam Towill to join me. Each of them are a little out of shape and only good for 10k.

So with a bit of clever maneuvering I covered 4k with Wooey (Hickson to Darling H), 6k with the both of them (into Pyrmont), and 4k with Sam out to Jacksons and back.

Felt really good the whole run, though I’ll admit I have sore back muscles from cross-training in the morning. 14k in 69 min.

Tuesday – 8x1k Reps

At least 6 weeks since I’ve joined a speed set….

Convinced myself it is not so bad to run fast. Saw some old faces down at Barangaroo. Many I have not seen in some time – e.g. CT, Tom, Timmy, JFen, Quentin and Biggsy. Quite a few new joiners too many of whom I don’t know.

Felt stronger today – the ride into work was an effective taper. Short and sharp was the plan.

Started out in 5th place testing myself at 3:20s. Felt quite sluggish and really struggled to match the likes of CT and Quentin upfront. On the turn, I must’ve found another gear as I found myself upfront for the next 4 reps. To my surprise I was leading the way, comfortably dropping Quentin and CT who are better runners than I. Used the 90s rest wisely (i.e. standing) and really tested my lactic.

Once #5 was up, I felt the job was done. So the last 3 reps was easing back to what felt like HM/Mara pace. Interestingly after you do 3:00s, then 3:15-3:20s feels much more relaxed.

Only a few closed out the full #8 reps. I was one of them. 13k all up.

1k Splits: 3:20, 3:01, 2:58, 3:00, 2:59, 3:18, 3:18, 3:19

My main takeaway is I have not lost a massive amount of speed. This is very encouraging.

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