SMC Half Marathon – training pace (80:49)

SMC Half Marathon – training pace (80:49)

Big fan of the city’s sleepiest club run in the SMC. Relegated myself to the shorter 21.1km along with Brendan YC, Jackie O and Rob Cavrak. Just Lambert and Tym were brave enough for the 30km starting 6:30am.

Expected to be in a bad state post yesterday’s tempo and thus offered to pace Rob to a 40 min 10km (lap 1). No depth in the field meant we were upfront, with maybe YC and J rounding out the top 10 at 4:45s. Never really tested the legs with 4:00s feeling relaxed. In the 30km, I saw some bloke Gary Mullins clean up Molesworth with a tidy 1:52. Lucky I didn’t enter!

Lambert looked OK at 4:05s whilst Tym trailed 5s/km slower looking a little worn on lap #3.

Back through 10km in 40 flat where I said goodbye to Rob. Moved the pace slowly to 3:40s seeing little upside in anything harder. Carried momentum down the hill at 18km which got me to sub-3:40s. Maintained this to the end including the frustrating final 1km out-and-back.

80:49 at 3:50s. 

– 0-10km in 40:00 (4:00s)
– 10-20km in 37:00 (3:42s)
– 20-21.1km at 3:30s

Well off pace but that was my intention. Still felt short of K’s so with some extra time available, I jogged back onto the course for a cool-down. I think several participants were very confused…

Before departing, I got the update from the team. Rob gave up #2 to another Asian guy. YC was happy with 1:38 with J not too far behind. Lambert strangely fresh after 30km and had reserves to help a cramping Tym back to the car.

For me, this week was suppose to be tough noting back-to-back half marathons at tempo pace. I feel it’s coming together well. Next week easy.

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