SMC Smithfield Half Marathon – 1st in 75:12

SMC Smithfield Half Marathon – 1st in 75:12

With Gold Coast just 2 weeks out, I loosely planned a 21km training run to gauge fitness.

Brought up the old running calendar and penciled the SMC half marathon in Smithfield. Employed the cheer squad in Lorie and Molly.

No regrets considering a $25 race fee, a lead bike to chase, free BBQ and $50 prize money!

Course is 2x10km with a little 1.1km out and back. Mostly bike track, rolling hills and a notable 400m incline at the 2k/12k mark. I really just wanted to spend time at 3:40 pace today.

Of note at the line was the Jenkins twins (from Striders) and local hero Tim Molesworth. I figured my legs would tire early with the hangover of Tues and Thurs speed work.

Turns out it was a remarkably pleasant day at the office. Ran my own pace, focused on technique and broadly kept my breathing under control. I dropped one of the twins at 3km and was on my own.

First 10km felt much harder than the 36 min suggests. Ran by feel but did not get the dividends from the effort I exerted. Perhaps I’m fatigued?

Found good rhythm in the 2nd half, naturally being a 2nd half runner. Surged the hills, and steadied the heart rate on the flats holding low 3:30s. Stomach was playing up in the last 3km. Hit 20km in 71:55 leaving a tidy 3:20s type pace for the last 1.1km.

Splits below
– First 10km in 36:05
– Second 10km in 35:20
– Last 1.1km 3:48

Today did hurt and doubt I could repeat this 2x. 42km pace might be 3:40s on a good day.

After the race with Rob….

Then I decided to make a chocolate coconut quinoa porridge upon getting home…

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