Sore Foot, Lots of Ks

Sore Foot, Lots of Ks

Sore Foot, Lots of Ks

Currently struggling with the negative impact of bad sleep. The girls are sick (not me yet) and the weather is not helping. Also, I’m noticing a few niggles in both feet which suggests I should ease back on the Ks.

Friday – Solo Wharves

On my own again. With an off-site all-day, the lunch slot provided the perfect 50 min window to sneak out. In fact, after 4 hours of ‘lectures’, I was mentally cooked and needed a quick exercise fix. The rain was not much of a disincentive

Headed out at 1:10pm. Very late by my standards. Circled the wharves, hit the white door at Barangaroo and retraced my steps back to CQ. Felt 9km was not quite right, so an added 500m out to the Toaster and back got me to 10k.

Two negatives from today:
– missed the free buffet at Amora Hotel. I will die wondering what food was on offer.
– I have foot pains

Saturday – Recovery

Sister-in-law’s wedding. So out the door at 7am, back home at almost Midnight.

Well I managed to do the following on a planned active rest day:

– 2k in the pool at LPAC, early morning. Took 41 min which is well off what I should be
– 10k in the lower north shore, late afternoon. 8k easy, then 10x120m run-throughs as Bales Park in Chatswood.

On the later, I half expected to see Gus or Lambert floating around but it was not mean to be. Legs felt OK, but not great.

Sunday – Water Hug

I impressed myself by waking at 5:30 despite being seriously short on sleep. Out the door at 6am and made the difficult decision not to beehive to CP to meeting HuRTS. I need some changed scenery.

Hugged the water from the outset. Cross Anzac Bridge, enjoying the quiet boardwalks of Pyrmont whilst I noticed a few massive cruise ships in the area. It was then on my usual stomping grounds which I’d generally AVOID on weekends – Darling H, Walsh Bay and Farm Cove. Eventually, came back up via Potts Point and into CP by which time 2 hours had passed.

Luckily, I found the HuRTS crew instantly and joined Champ, Mark, Jeet and Enda for an inner loop. They dropped off, leaving me 1 final loop to get me over 30k.

With a few K to go, I did catch the other lads at the Kiosk Cafe throwing back the 3/4 lattes in their sweaty outfits – Lambert, Timmy, Eoin from memory. Always happy to see the crew.

34k at 4:44s. It’s been an usually big week of Ks with absolutely no quality. I should ease up next week as we head into Xmas.

Rounded out a fine morning meeting the girls for breakfast at our usual hideout (Kepos). Good to see Hipster Chris Strom join us for the Kepos Benedict with bacon.



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