Sore Hip

Sore Hip

Sore Hip

It’s getting worse, which is quite frustrating after pain levels that seemed to have stabilised over the last two weeks.

Sunday – Bridges Loop

A talk ask to get the long run done. In fact I’ve been considering cutting these out all together until the legs heal. Met Matt at Hyatt at 6:30am for a CCW loop of the Five Bridges Run. Ran NOTB and up Pacific Highway and considered pulling the pin at about Crow’s Nest. Luckily Matt was happy to join me all the way to Hunter’s Hill and so when you have company things feel better. Hobbled my way home via Drummoyne and Iron Cove Bridge to see out 30k. The days of 35-40k long runs seem a long way away.

Monday – Wharves

Joined the HuRTS bunch on a lazy cruise around the wharves. Pretty good turn out today including Chairman, Wongster and JPringle. It seems everyone is pretty relaxed and enjoying the prospect of silly season for a few months. Knocked out 1.5k in the pool on the way home (perhaps in the hope my ITB would come good).

Tuesday – Pyrmont

Cracking day. Opted to run despite my ITB saying ‘please don’t. Just wanted to do 10-12k and that’s it. Ran the usual Pyrmont loop with Sam complaining about the same hip issues as per yesterday. He’s suggested I see a bloke called Ben Liddy. Got to 12k and pulled the pin. Job done.

Wednesday – Wharves

Another wharves run with Chairman, Marko and Timmy. Don’t really know where everyone was? Anyway, legs felt a little better but that was after about 5k. When I stop, my knee hurts. 11k all up.

Here is a giant omelette that we consumed at Sideway Cafe in Dulwich Hill on the weekend. Pretty cookie-cutter menu, but acceptable.

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