Sore, Tired and Still Running

Sore, Tired and Still Running

Still plugging away with two heavy legs in the aftermath of a big week characterised by (i) good speedwork despite (ii) the same flu like symptoms. I’m optimistic the flu will pass in time…

Friday – double runs.

In the AM, it was the usual 7km to work. Mixed it up by going through Ultimo rather than Anzac Bridge. Felt really ordinary.

Lunch – started at Midday, goggles in hand and swim pass in pocket. Went to ABC to meet HuRTS for my maiden swim for the Spring/Summer season. And yet, I just kept jogging on – my best excuse was ‘still sick, don’t want to risk it’.

O well, 4×20 push-ups plus a few heel kick / high knee drills later around Farm Cove, I found a small HuRTS group setting out for the usual Barangaroo recovery. From there, I rounded out a nice 60 min recovery chatting to Jerome, Fehon, Jackie O and the Irish Brothers. Cut it short at Barangaroo and beehived back to the office. My legs were cooked!

20km for the day.

Saturday – Inner West

To swim or not to swim? Not to swim. Strategically arranged a run-date with Jackie’O during our run yesterday. Starting at the dog cafe, it was sprinkling. Not to worry, things got better. An easy pace down to Iron Cove, then looping CCW around Drummoyne Cove. A first for J’OC in the area.

I managed to convince her so easily to move from her 10k to 15k via this route. She seemed OK with that, and once I got home via Lilyfield Rd, I was up near 20k. Great way to kick start the weekend.

20km at 5:10s.

I must be up to 120km for the week with all this junk?

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