For two days that first walk down the hallway after waking has been painful. I describe it as an achy soreness under each foot mainly around the arch. I talk to enough runners to know this is early signs of the dreaded PF injury. Interestingly my own PF has come and gone but normally manifests in swelling.

Can’t quite work out the cause as my training loan has not drastically changed. Two considerations

  • Does it signal the need to change shoes; or maybe
  • I’m due for an ‘off’ week (<100k, no speed)

I’ve decided to do both.


Feet did not feel great. With Corp Cup on, the only runners available for the usual recovery run was Worswick, Steve Ellis whose back from the dead and Jerome who is back in the workforce (and therefore running).

Well of the 3 of them, after today I’m keen to run with 2 of them. First 3k was a half-step behind JW as he lumbered along talking about god knows what. The pace was 4:30s which by my standards is unacceptable. By OPT I actually snapped, slowed right up and was happy to be solo. Jerome and Steve seemed OK to work at my pace and we reformed once again.

Got around to Barangaroo doors at the 9k with the pace once again picking up, before JW left – thank god. The last 3k was actually quite nice but the damage was done. I was more sore than when I started and looking forward to the end.

Jerome said at the end: ‘I’ve never seen you so angry“. Not quite true as he obviously has not seen me being served over-cooked poached eggs for breakfast.

A not so fun 12k run in 50 odd minutes. Luckily I was on the bike in the AM/PM with the hope of preserving the legs.


Stiff foot again. Another easy day required including cycling commute after a nice little 30 min of bodyweight and Kettlebell exercises in the early morning.

Met Champ and Pete for an easy 60 min recovery around Pyrmont. The pace was nice and modest and the chat was mainly focused on (i) boats and (ii) poor financial and network performance of Telstra (who they work for).

Jac has suggested I run the SMC 30k on Sunday however judging by my soreness, I think it is not a good idea.

Considering a swim tomorrow. Saturday, maybe pram run with Trinity who is now 16 months old!


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