St Peters with 20×10 push-ups

St Peters with 20×10 push-ups

Open invite for the 27km tempo up at Manly but health wise, I’m a world away from this ordeal after a bad few days.

The plan C was meandering down south with Molly. Found myself at St Peters after 5km and largely explored the area whilst adding 10 push-ups every 1km.

Expecting to feel both rubbish and achy, it was actually the contrary! Quick loop of St Peters some 30 min before Park Run. Decided against sticking around and simply jogged net uphill to Leichhardt.

18km at 5:10s feeling strong. Molly was solid as a rock. Shoulders way more sore than legs.

This is the post run avo-on-toast I created for Lorie. She gave a 4/5 score.



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