I always feel 40-50km for the weekend is fair. 

Saturday: Split Long Run

AM: North Head in this weather? No way. Back-up was a loop over to the posh-hipster district of Balmain. First 3km saw me at White Bay Terminal where I randomly threw in a 3:25 1km effort. From there, the storms picked up and by 7km I wanted to be back in bed.

There’s no point getting out of bed for <15km…. Extended the run visiting the various ferry stops. By Birchgrove, I’d seen enough and headed back West. It was at Iron Cove where I then started to believe that a half marathon would be very impressive. The moment that thought creeps in, there is no fighting it.

21km at 4:56 min/km. There is no doubt what I wanted to do next. Rounded the girls up for a trip down to Kepos St Kitchen in Redfern. This is the brioche B&E Roll ($16).


PM: just 9km shy of a technical LR with the risk Sunday could be worse. The pre-dinner window saw me knock out 8km in similarly horrible conditions. Very poor visibility but I may have seen Haberfield shops and parts of the Bay Run. This 45 min involved perhaps 12-15 sets of high knee / heel kick drills. A good way to stay warm!

29km for the day. LR complete. The few that ran the Striders 10km at North Head. Insane.

Sunday: Drummoyne

Happy to stay inside waiting for the storm to settle: 30 min core-work: a mix of KB swings, burpees, Turkish get-ups and various random activities.

No obvious signs of rain easing but I was committed to a few Ks at least. A circuit chosen was Five Dock, Abbotsford, Drummoyne Cove and Iron Cove. First 7km easy due to a stiff easterly tailwind. Life felt so easy. Then it didn’t. I suspect I was running backwards along Drummoyne Cove. It was a battle of attrition back home via Victoria Rd which involved mini-balls of hail in the face along the East path of the Iron Cove Bridge.

16km at 5:07s. I can see on Strava, a few people known to me did more than double this. Ridiculous.

For me, happy with 130km for the week.

Dad photo of the week – Trinity’s new beanie.



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