Striders 10k Homebush – Pram Benchmark (39:04)

Striders 10k Homebush – Pram Benchmark (39:04)

Striders 10k Homebush – Pram Benchmark (39:04)

The relentless heat of January and what seems to be chronic dehydration has probably got the better of me. I can only think that’s why I’ve been so sore this week despite a lighter load. As detailed below, Friday was active rest, Saturday was a pram tempo.

Friday – Swim/Wharves

Wow, very sore despite Thursday being a recovery day. Cool in temperature, but very mucky. Rode the bike to ABC for a swim in my desepration to loosen up the hips. It was super early (6:15am) and that was available was 3 lanes. Huge swim squad occupying 6 lanes.

So over the course of 30 min, I had a ‘bathtub’ experience with a bunch of males – that is, 8 or 9 people into a lane. Managed to get decent rhythm but I’ve obviously let my swimming slip. Hit the 1k mark in maybe 19:00 and rounded out 1.6k in 30:20. Very refreshing.

Lunch was a tester for the legs. The swim must have helped. The 4 of us (Jeet plus the Baranagan brothers) did the usual wharves course. Apparently it’s Jeet’s first run with HuRTS in 2017 due to his new employed status. I have seen the bloke a lot however loitering around the Bay Run and at my favourite Cafes. 12k all up.

Saturday – Striders Homebush 10k

The preceding night’s CNY 10 course meal featuring lobster, salmon, clams, Peking duck left me with such a protein OD – not to mention no sleep – there was no way I was in shape to race Striders.

Decided to take Trinity, Lorie and yes, the Pram. If I can lay a pram benchmark 10k then this gives me a goal for 2017. This is the Phil & Teds Sub-4 which in hindsight barely fits into the car, takes time to disassemble, load then reassemble.

Rolled into P5 Carpark too late and by the time the Pram was ready to go (with baby inside), I was too late. Paul H had already sent everyone off. Jogged over to the start, 1 min late, and set off in pursuit.

Felt more in control of the steering this time. However lap #1 was hard work at 3:50s because the paths were narrow and the slow runners decide to meander everywhere. Got the the 60 pacer at 500m, then the 50 pacer near the 2k mark as you enter the cycle track. I discovered the only remedy to clear a path is to scream ‘on your right’.

Effective but tiring. Got a good view of the leaders where Criniti was some 5s ahead of Nick whilst Robin was cruising in #3. Other notable points of pain was the back half of the dirty track where I passed a tiring Birchy, and the little ramp into the home stretch. A face of regret below at 4.8k.

Lap #1 done in 19:30 ish and readied myself for another 19 min of suffering.

Lap #2 felt a lot slower perhaps due to the lack of wind and humidity. The silly pram handle also loosened which meant I had to do a 10s pit-stop at 6k near the road. This happened once again at 8k nearing the track.

Picked off a few girls in the low 40s territory and really felt I was losing momentum once again on the dirt track. Was breathing hard after the final ramp and boy was I glad to coast into the chute. Trinity had a ball of a time – babbling, snoozing and at the finish clapping other runners home.

Clock time 40:05 but I’ll adjust for the 1 min head start I gave to the pack.

Net time 39:04, 3:51 min/k average page: 

– 0-5k – 3:55, 3:50, 3:41, 3:45, 3:54
– 6-10k – 4:01, 3:47, 3:45, 3:49, 3:59

Nick stormed home #1 in mid 33s which shows the sort of form he is in. Robin, Neil, Mike L, Enda all had ‘okay’ runs in tough conditions. Poor Timmy looked dejected on the bench and I was too afraid to ask him for a time.

After a 2k c/d with Lil Tom and Mikey, it was time to head off. Overall a great morning and a 39 min benchmark that I will no doubt improve upon. Hopefully Trinity does not get any heavier from here.




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