Striders Dinner

Striders Dinner

Friday – split run

I’m aware of a 6am Bay Run group that start at Running Science in Rozelle. The time is insane yet I found myself awake super early. Nice, casual vibe hitting the 7km look in a CCW direction. Largely sat at 4:45s next to a bloke Chris (presenter at Striders Dinner tonight) and the shop owner Fletch himself. Good to feel the legs loosen from 60 min plodding.

Lunch – 5 hours later, YC was agreeable to a Pyrmont run and requested 20km. Managed to negotiate him down to 12km at 5:10s. Coming back across Pyrmont Bridge, it was clear I’d used the last of my reserves.

12km at 5:10s.

Later, a fun night at the Striders Dinner held upstairs at the IMAX. Pretty thin on the HuRTS side but our table included Chairman, Macca, Eoin and Richard. Good food, great views from the VIVID and better company. The awards dragged on longer than a Sunday mass. More categories than people….


And apparently 2015 was my debut marathon. Not true but happy to take it ahead of training rival Kiwi Mike.


Saturday – easy. 

Molly is losing fitness. Partly my fault as our last run was 3 weeks ago. Found myself out at Ashfield Station via the Haberfield Canal. Felt OK despite the obvious factor being in the midst of a double speed week. The lesson from today is Ashfield is best for dumplings, not running. Avoid.

12km in 60 min. 

Good possibility of venturing down to CP tomorrow to join the SOTB HuRTS…


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