Thursday – out with Wooey for an out and back to Barangaroo. Nothing particularly interesting about this run to be honest. On the way back we stopped over near OPT and finished up with 8×120 strides.

11k all up in 55 min.

Friday – ran over to the usual HuRTS meeting point hoping to find company for a 60 min recovery. I was not successful. Perhaps I was late or maybe no one was working today? Ran down to Farm Cove and got into more strides on the grass near the Gates. Birchy and Andy came jogging by, so I joined them for about 800m.

Became increasingly baffled by the pace these two were running – maybe 5:50s pace. Cannot believe it is possible to run this slow. So I paid my dues and headed back to the office. 50 min out in the sun, covering 11k.

Saturday – 2 laps of the Bay Run with Rini in the pram. This is perhaps turning into my favourite run of the week. Headed out at 10 to 7 and met Champ down near the water. Two laps in a CW direction went pretty fast.

My observation after a few months pram running is that the presence of a small child + pram gives me a licence-to-do-anything. Hence I was able to use the bike lane and motor down joggers and pedestrians in particularly crowded areas.

20k all up.

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