Struggle Street

Struggle Street

Sunday Centennial

Impressive turnout for Centennial. However, the notable absences were Timmy Lindop and Paul Birch. We assumed TL fell victim to questionable quality curry (in Manly) and the beefs that followed. 

Come 6:30am, JFen hit the road at 4:45s and a huge female squad were happy to chase him. Notably Sonya, LJ, Lucy and Corky. It must be the accent. 
First 6kms actually felt the hardest. JFen and I dropped the group from 7am and almost by accident the pace quickened to sub 4:20s. Heavy feeling in legs never abated.
30km in 2:10 at 4:24 min/km average pace. Fastest I’ve done in awhile and obviously a tough day at the office. 
Monday – ABC
No running today. Ducked down to A.B.C. for a cheeky 1.7km freestyle with Matt. The weather was simply too good to pass up. Helping the cause was post long run soreness in my left foot. 
1km split was 18:56. 33 flat for the 1.7km.
Cool-down involved 3.5km jog around Farm Cove. Crossed paths with Conway, Renee and a few others on their own Monday recovery. 
Happy days. 
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