Sunday Centennial with Molly and HuRTS

Sunday Centennial with Molly and HuRTS

Decided to drag the dog (Molly) out to Centennial with HuRTS. Main concern was whether she’d handle the 4:30s pace.

Ironically, it was my own stiff left ankle and dull soreness under the right heel holding us back down Paramatta Rd. These niggles frustrate me and I’m hoping they ease with a few easy weeks.

Joined a 10-strong team outside Fox  after 7km. Good to see friendlies back into it from Canberra (Jeet, Birchy, Eoin, Ray W), then LJ, Lambert and a few others I don’t know.

Pace gradually wound up as we headed back to the Kiosk at 7am to pick up a few Rejoov runners. Even Eloise joined which saw another uptick in pace. Zero interest from all but Jeet, Lambert and another. Stuck at the back for 1 inner circuit with an equally tired Eoin and Ray.

Allowed the pace to relax en route home. Back to 5:15s which I embraced with heart. Poor Molly was battling after 20km. What a good dog.

23km at 5:05s. Given I have a marathon in the legs, it’s been a solid week. Next few weeks is a write-off. The plan is R&R and Japanese food.

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