Sunday HuRTS Centennial

Sunday HuRTS Centennial

For once I made the 6:30am Kiosk start. Idea was get the kms in before the heat then retire with a good breakfast, joined by Lorie, Champ and Lissy. Set out at 6am feeling pretty rubbish, but you never know how the body responds once warm.

Well I wasn’t disappointed. 8km down Cleveland and I’m already 1kg lighter from perspiration. Today’s company included Enda, Jeet, JFen, CT, Lambert, birthday boy Fats and a few others. Had to step in to slow the initial 4:20s pace with CT pushing too hard. 
Come 7am, back at Kiosk to grab Champ, Greta, Craig, Neil P, Anthony and I even think I saw Gleeso. Pace was maintained which meant it got harder with every 1 degree climb in temp. Everyone complaining, no one actually slowing. 
Notable topic today included CT explaining he needs a babysitter for a Sunday LR and compares the $15/hr to a gym session. Strange one. 10km lap done (giving 8+6+10) and the demons start telling me to stop.   
Not done yet and according to JFen (and Champ) there is still 2x4km laps to go. Thought I’d struggle but by now I was in that steady state where the mind drifts. Last lap had me working with JFen at sub 4 min/km – ‘steady but hard‘ as he describes.
Waited for my ride home at the Kiosk (ie Champ) who had hit the wall. Seems a pretty weak wall because he insisted on a 2km cool-down via the Woollahra Hill loop. Frenchman joined us briefly but by now the legs were protesting. 
32.5km at 4:33 min/km ave. pace. 
A tidy 6km segment from 24km included 4:03, 4:11, 4:13, 4:00, 3:58,, 3:54, 3:47. 
Dehydrated, sore but happy. Champ and his +1 simply had to try the classic Bowen’s B&E Roll at the Marrickville Markets. So this is where I navigated them.
Four layers of bacon, double egg for $8. Pillow soft bun, a hit of salty protein and massive. Totally worth the hardship. 9/10. 

Champ goes left field with a coriander-infused fried chicken roll. I had a nibble and liked it. 7/10.

Back on the run, good sign of progressive pace as I fought the weather.
Hope everyone enjoys the Xmas / NY break. I’ll be out working and running this coming week. 
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