Sunday LR

Sunday LR


Not exactly sure how I came to cover such a big distance particularly given the last two weeks I’ve barely done 30k.

Thought about doing the STARS run with Striders as they would literally be passing my house. However I ended up running with Matt which meant 8k to the meet point in Lane Cove. We headed up Centennial Ave, shooting north along Epping Road and circling up towards Chatswood via Fullers Road. If you know the area then it’s pretty obvious this is not an easy way to spend a Sunday morning. Unfortunately I was at the whim of Matt who hadn’t run for a week and was therefore ridiculously fresh.

In the end I survived just fine. Hit the magic 21k at Pacific Highway knowing the hard work was done. So the rest of the run was pretty benign. Part 3 was getting to Redfern in a fairly indirect manner where I knew I had to meet Lorie at 9am. This saw me fill a bit of time around Farm Cove before completing a final leg down Oxford Street dodging Mardi Gras participants. I must have been the only guy not wearing leather hot pants.

Covered maybe 38k all up.

Here’s breakfast.


Always going to be a little wobbly after such a long Sunday run. Managed to join HuRTS for the usual wharves run. Mostly chatted with Renee and Lambert whilst trying to avoid getting too frustrated by the pace set by Worswick. That pace was 4.20s….

Covered 13k all up. Really enjoying my running right now and increasingly convinced it’s because I’m not racing. 

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