Sunday LR

Sunday LR

Blame the DST for my late start and sluggish feeling as I headed out for the standard CP laps with HuRTS. Missed the 6:30am start and only caught the 7am team as they departed Fox Gates. I was overjoyed to see that none of the usual guys that like to surge were present. I largely ran with those that are now in taper-mode for Melbourne – Jeet, Elle, LJ, Neil and a new guy from Rejoov (Johnny). Most of my chat was with LJ, who seems fixated on pancakes and footy.

Whilst the pace was a manageable 4:35s, my stomach was playing up again from lap #2 though no need for any pit stop. By the time I’d run to CP, done 2x10k laps the clock read 8:45am. I found Birchy, we did 3/4 of the inner loop and from there it was 2km to Redfern for breakfast. Speaking of which, I’m on a breakfast streak right now.

The key today ‘time on the feet’ and I was satisfied with 160 min standing up. The initial 5km was >5:00s, before settling into a nice 4:30s rhythm.

34km at 4:40s. 

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