Sunday STARS Monday swim

Sunday STARS Monday swim

Sunday – STARS

At the tail-end of an easy week, I’m still feeling fatigued. I put it down to the prior training load (whilst sick), lack of rest days and the fact I’m still doing strength training (which work the legs too).

Gave HuRTS (C2S today) a miss and it was a nicely timed with the Striders STAR run from Annandale. Just one other (bloke called Michael) for the 6:20am group – decent bloke and quite vocal to highlight his 2:52 GC Marathon effort. Quite a few interactions with other Striders groups as we cruised through Anzac Bridge, Pyrmont Wharves and around Hickson to Farm Cove.

The 4:50s felt pretty and the plan was always ‘more than 20km, less than 25km and as slow as possible’. A few final hills through Edgecliff really rendered the tired quads even more tired. Lucky then I had arranged to meet the girls back for brekie near Redfern. I actually enjoyed the final trundle down Moore Park Rd.

23km in 1:55. Felt much harder than I expected.

Monday – swim

The struggle yesterday was enough to motivate me to swim. I had already banked my easy recovery via a 6km jog to work (Blackwattle Bay).

So at lunch, I threw on the trunks and jogged down to Cook & Phillip Pool – well known for being disease ridden. Knocked out a clumsy 1.5km in 31 min suggesting I am well off my 15/16 Summer form. Quite boring and frustrating with crowding issues in my lane.

I was keen to dry out in the sun and did so via a slow jog around the Domain and Farm Cove. This gave about 6km (1.5km swim, 4.5km land). It was a regretful swim because I was shivering the whole afternoon.

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