Super Fresh

Super Fresh

Almost as if the massage on Saturday has given me a new body. Quite simply, I was 3/10 yesterday, then 8/10 today. Amazing how cumulative muscle tightness and knotting can go unnoticed. My plan today was keep it easy. I’d like to do a quality set later this week.

AM – woke too late for my usual 15 min core strength (Mon, Wed, Fri) and in fact took the fastest route to work. 6km via Lilyfield Rd then Anzac Bridge. That’s lazy by my standards.

Lunch – an impressive turnout for the standard Barangaroo course. On the way out the main company was upfront with Tom, Timmy (confused why he’s around on a Monday) and Frenchmen. Then out near the wharves I relaxed the pace alongside YC, Renee, Elle and Sonya. The pace quickened a little to 4:30s coming back to CQ. No problem as my legs felt alright.

13km at 4:45s. One of those runs where you feel better at the end.


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