Sunday – Bridges

Had to get out the ASAP with the advance warning from the weatherman that the temp would be soaring by 9am. First run in a long time with Tym, who unfortunately has been benched for almost a year with Injury. Well he wasn’t shy in suggesting the North Shore Bridges Loop (7 Bridges in total). It’s a tough 25k circuit which I did a few weeks ago in the same CW direction.

Rolled out at 6am and instantly realised that today would not be easy. First few K were a little slow hitting the hills over Gladesville and a new way via Linley Park near Lane Cove. Distracted myself with the scenery as this was a  nice intro to trails around the Riverview area thanks to Tym. Life got a little tougher grinding up the final hills and by the time we hit Crows Nest I was desperate for flats. A nice decline down to the bridge gave the legs a rest though I did request a detour around Lunar Park.

Last few K I was in a good rhythm though clearly dehydrated. Meanwhile poor Tym had clearly hit the wall in fact looked like he had aged 15 years. The inflexion point was watching him walk up the corkscrew as you ascend Anzac Bridge. Said my goodbyes to him at Victoria Road and proceeded on towards my milestone distance (mid 30s?). Last few K I eased back and could really only think about breakfast.

36k at 4.55s. One of the few runs where I actually had to drink water. Glad to get it done and home in one piece.

Monday – wharves

Just Jac and I for a recovery run in 35 degrees. We were dropped off the back of HuRTS quite happily as there is no way I am game for running with Worswick at his 4.20s ‘easy’ pace.

12k all up after cutting off near Barangaroo. Legs felt nicely loose after the 60 min.

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