Swim and Strides

Swim and Strides

No speed for me noting JP Morgan CC tomorrow.

Couldn’t resist the temptation to duck down to A.B.C. before work. A cheeky 1.5km freestyle all before 7am. Pace was way off my already low benchmark. Around 63s/lap.

Lunch meeting ran late meaning all I had time for was 6km with 10x100m strides. I did this solo around Hickson wharves. The legs feel fresher than yesterday!

Low expectations for tomorrow. 5.6km does not suit me.

My top 6 forecast is as follows: Barts > Quentin > Tom > CT > Crossy > JFen.

Other good battles to watch:
– Richard Woo vs Matt Ingram (MBA battle)
– Renee vs Sammy J (MS battle)
– Mike Conway vs. food truck dinner choices (spectator only)

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