Swim at Leichhardt

Swim at Leichhardt

I won’t lie. Serious doubts heading out at 6am into the windy/rainy conditions. Nevertheless, after two weeks the weekly swim routine continues.

3km jogging around the grass flats of the nearby Rozelle Mental Hospital before the body warmed up. Then I ducked into the Aquatic Centre, knocked out some half-baked freestyle for 2km. Still struggling with the ice-cold ‘heated‘ pool temp of 27 degrees.

2.0km (40 laps) in 45:13. Compares to last week of 46:10. At this rate, I’ll be at the Olympics in 25 weeks?

Got out, felt dizzy and the legs were sleepy. 3km jogging around the suburbs all before 8am. Done and dusted for the day.

Filled the stomach with a Hoey special of the day – smoked salmon and avo open omelette. 8/10 and self-funded. I’d pay $12 for this at a cafe, no more.

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