Allowing my legs some much needed rest, though to be fair I have not actually done any speed work.

Thursday – LPAC

Normally my rule is if the temp <24 degrees, then swimming is off limits. Broke this rule today, trying not to overthink the dreaded situation where you get out of the water only to race a crippling cold wind (and a run home). Went to LPAC at 5:50am, entirely unplanned of course, and threw in a cheeky 2.0k of easy laps. Elapsed time was 42 min.

Lunch – joined the Telstra lads for a wharves recovery run. Champ, Pete, Gary and another guy (?) at around 4:45s pace. 8k plus some run-throughs on the wharves. They did not feel great thanks to some flattening squats on Wednesday.

Friday – Ian Thorpe

Amazing weather! Linked up with LJ and Crossy over at IT pool. It was my first time there and boy did I love it. Indoor pool, 26 degrees and not overly crowded. Copied LJ’s plan for a relaxed 1.5k swim which took me 31 min. Judging by the fact that LJ started after me in an adjacent lane, and was waiting as I got out, this means she is a faster swimming and I. We headed back into the CBD to round out some extra easy Ks on the legs. My legs are still suffering from a few days of weights earlier in the week.

Saturday – LPAC

The same as Thursday. Found myself at LPAC once again at 6am. My calves are seriously sore from Thur/Fri which reflects the change in my exercise routine (i.e. kicking from Freestyle). Covered 1.5k in 31 min.

C2S tomorrow!


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