Sydney Harbour 10km – 39:47 – a planned Personal Worst

Sydney Harbour 10km – 39:47 – a planned Personal Worst

Sydney Harbour 10km – 39:47 – a planned Personal Worst

7 days after a 42.2km is still too early for a traditional LR. I just wanted to fill some time before a brunch date.

Initial 5km jog via Chippendale and I make a snap decision to check out the Sydney Harbour 10km at The Rocks. I knew the HuRTS gang would be out in force. Also I may run this in 2016 – helps to know the course.
Big big turn out at the elite start zone. Casually caught up with the likes of Lambert, Steve, Lewis, Jeet, Enda and Sam J.
Had doubts those that ran GC half could realistically double up today. Some of the lads looking pretty relaxed. Questions over the shortness of Lambert’s shorts…
For me, legs still feel tired thus just wanted to spectate this one… kind of. Sporting a warm-up jacket I tuck into the crowd 20m back before the gun shoots.

Initial 4:30 pace has me so bored I’m just absorbing the views. In fact, the wind chill is so bad I start hiding behind any overweight guy I can find heading down Hickson. Andy Heydon comes by at Barangaroo on 40 min pacing duties – similar to me, still recovering from GC.

Road is still packed as we head past IMAX and the congestion is annoying. I put a few little surges to clear space. Starting to warm now and it’s nice to get some pace back in the legs. Some short and sharp turns into Pyrmont area.

Still trailing Andy we turn back en route to Hickson and I make my poor man’s move around 7km. Leg fatigue is gone some 18km into today’s run and I take my chance with a few little strides.

I must look like an idiot in skins plus jacket but who cares, I’m warm. Last 2kms has me posting 3:30 type pace. Good to rediscover the turnover after 6 days of plodding.

Crossed the line in 39:47. Phew.

– 0-5km splits – 4:25, 4:12, 4:09, 4:07, 4:01
– 6-10km splits – 4:00, 3:52, 3:52, 3:25, 3:37

8min off the PB and a 10km PW for me. Couldn’t be more pleased with how my legs responded to a bit of turnover.

Caught up with the lads afterwards and shared a photo. Then it got too cold

Hats off to Quentin with a tidy 32:47 and Lewis not far behind. Seems 21km, 6 days rest then 10km is OK for some, but too much for others. In fact, we almost an in form Enda run down Barts. Big bottleneck of HuRTS regulars running 36-38 min times.

The course is suppose to be quick. With the wind and sharp turns, I disagree. Shared a warm-down with Jeet and Sam before shooting off to brunch. Fun morning all round.

All up a nice 22km consisting 10km warm-up, 10km race then 2km warm-down. Legs feel new. Almost.

90km odd for the week.

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