Back into the routine after a great few runs down at Melbourne. Hip feels manageable at least for my current 80-100k weeks.

Monday – linked up with the HuRTS for the usual Monday wharves run. Nice little crowd that included Tommy, Renee and Enda. Decided to drop off after the boom gate when I noticed I was compensating on my right side. By that time I was 10k into the run. So 11k all up.

Tuesday – Jac’s last session before she is off to the UK (for 2 years?). Met the team down at OPT for my first appearance on a Tues/Thurs in ages. The set was 4x2k and Tom set us off with a 2 min break. Jogged #1 because there is no way I am in good enough shape to do intervals. On #2, I decided to have a go and led from the front. 3:13, then 3:11 for each K. Knew this was a bad decision because the jog was more of a limp on #3. Hobbled back to work to see out a 12k lunch run. At least I have some speed left in the legs.

Nice to see a few of the injured people such as Lambert, LJ and even Neil (in work clothes) watching the whole session.

Wednesday – an easy Pyrmont recovery with Sam and Charlie. Little to note.


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